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OHYEMO LED Pool Volleyball & Basketball Set

OHYEMO LED Pool Volleyball & Basketball Set

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2-in-1 LED Pool Game Set

16 Million Colors, 210+ Light Modes

Adjustable 15ft Volleyball Net

Poolside Basketball Hoop

App & Remote Control

LED Water Balls Included

Elevate your pool parties with the OHYEMO 2-in-1 LED Pool Volleyball & Basketball Set! Experience personalized fun with 16 million colors and 210+ light modes. Easily switch between volleyball and basketball with shared bases. Control settings via app or remote for on/off, brightness/speed adjustments, and timers. Enjoy music sync and mesmerizing light shows with LED water balls. Enhance your pool games with included LED basketballs and volleyballs. Quick setup and stable bases ensure hours of aquatic fun! #PoolParty #LEDGames #SummerFun

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