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FNAF Sun and Moon 9" Plushies New Never Opened

SKU: 67456997
Product Name: Sun and Moon FNAF 9" Plushies
Set: Includes both Sun and Moon characters
Size: Each plushie is 9 inches tall
Material: Soft and huggable plush material
Collectible: Perfect for FNAF fans and collectors
High-Quality: Detailed stitching and vibrant colors
Versatile: Ideal for play or display
Safe for All Ages: Suitable for kids and adults
Bring the eerie charm of Five Nights at Freddy's to life with our Sun and Moon FNAF 9" Plushies! This set includes both Sun and Moon characters, meticulously crafted with soft, huggable plush material. Standing at 9 inches tall, their high-quality construction features detailed stitching and vibrant colors. Whether for play or display, these plushies are a must-have for FNAF enthusiasts of all ages.