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DBZ Dragon Ball Super Super Heroes Dragon Stars Ultimate Gohan 6.5" Figure

SKU: 4678654
Brand: Dragon Ball Super
Series: Super Heroes Dragon Stars
Character: Ultimate Gohan
Size: 6.5 inches tall
Materials: High-quality, durable plastic
Articulation: Multiple points of articulation for dynamic poses
Detail: Exquisitely detailed and painted for authenticity
Ideal for: Collectors, fans, and action figure enthusiasts
Packaging: Secure packaging to protect the figure during transit

Enhance your Dragon Ball Super collection with the Ultimate Gohan 6.5" Figure from the Super Heroes Dragon Stars Series. This meticulously crafted action figure portrays Gohan in his powerful Ultimate Form, capturing every detail with precision. With high-quality materials and lifelike paintwork, it's a must-have for collectors and fans. Enjoy dynamic posing with multiple points of articulation, and safeguard your investment with secure packaging. Own a piece of Dragon Ball Super history and immortalize your favorite moments with #DBZ #UltimateGohan #Collectible.