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Yivsen Electric Water Gun Rechargeable with Dual Tanks

Yivsen Electric Water Gun Rechargeable with Dual Tanks

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Brand: Yivsen
Type: Electric Water Gun
Range: Up to 19 feet
Capacity: Dual tanks (500ml drum, 75ml magazine)
Filling Methods: Manual and via water pipe
Features: One-click burst firing, ergonomic handle with anti-slip texture
Usage: Suitable for beach and outdoor activities
Battery: Rechargeable
Material: Durable, kid-friendly plastic
Target Audience: Adults and kids

Unleash unstoppable water fun with Yivsen's Electric Water Gun! This rechargeable blaster offers a 19-foot range and features dual water tanks for extended play. Switch effortlessly between a 500ml drum and a 75ml magazine with just a click. The ergonomic, anti-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip for all ages. Whether at the beach or in your backyard, this water gun's continuous shooting capability and easy refill options make it the perfect companion for endless summer battles.

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