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Ponek WiFi Thermal Printer - S821 for Home & Office Use

Ponek WiFi Thermal Printer - S821 for Home & Office Use

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Print Size Compatibility : Supports 8.5" x 11" Letter/A4/A5/B5 thermal paper.
File Format Support : Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, JPG for versatile printing needs.
Wireless Connectivity : WiFi for IOS and Android, USB for Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux.
Smart Paper Detection : Reduces paper waste for a more eco-friendly solution.
Cost-Efficient Printing : No ink, toner, or ribbons, saving at least 50% compared to traditional printers.

Introducing the Ponek WiFi Thermal Printer - S821, your versatile and cost-efficient printing companion for home and office. With support for various paper sizes and file formats, it caters to all your printing needs. Enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity via WiFi for phones and USB for computers. Save money with advanced thermal technology, eliminating the need for ink and reducing paper waste. Experience clear, fast, and noise-free printing with this discreet and efficient inkless portable printer. #InklessPrinting #WiFiPrinter #ThermalPrinter

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