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Skirfy Cyberpunk Electric Water Gun 500CC for Pool Beach

Skirfy Cyberpunk Electric Water Gun 500CC for Pool Beach

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Brand: Skirfy
Material: Durable ABS
Capacity: 500ml tank, 50ml spare magazine
Range: Up to 32 feet
Battery: 1200mAh rechargeable, 3-hour runtime
Features: Transparent cyberpunk design, upgraded waterproof
Color: Black
Suitability: Kids ages 8-12 and adults
Weight Resistance: Up to 200 pounds
Usage: Outdoor water fighting

Experience futuristic water battles with Skirfy's Cyberpunk Style Electric Water Gun. Featuring a robust 500CC capacity and a sleek, transparent design, this gun ensures you stand out in any pool or beach fight. It's built with tough ABS material and an enhanced waterproof system for reliable performance. A 1200mAh battery offers up to three hours of continuous play, far surpassing other models. Perfect for both kids and adults, Skirfy promises non-stop action and endless fun.

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