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2 Pack Electric Water Guns - Summer Fun Water Toy Set

2 Pack Electric Water Guns - Summer Fun Water Toy Set

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Brand: maysida

Package Includes: 2 Water Guns, 2 Silencers, 2 Scopes, 2 Goggles, 2 Charging Cables, 2 Magazines

Shooting Modes: Manual and Automatic

Range: Up to 36FT

Capacity: 2 X 500CC Water Tanks

Design: Desert Eagle Appearance

Dive into summer fun with the 2 Pack Electric Water Guns from maysida! This upgraded water gun set includes everything you need for endless water battles: 2 guns, silencers, scopes, goggles, charging cables, and magazines. With both manual and automatic shooting modes, these guns offer versatile play options. Enjoy powerful and continuous water jet firing with a range of up to 36FT, thanks to the high-capacity batteries and large water tanks. Plus, the cool Desert Eagle design adds an extra level of excitement to your outdoor adventures. Get ready for epic water battles with this must-have summer toy! #WaterGun #SummerFun #OutdoorToy

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