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Ernest Hemingway 20 Volume Collector's Edition Book Set Easton Press Leather Set

Ernest Hemingway 20 Volume Collector's Edition Book Set Easton Press Leather Set

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Book Series: Black Label Easton Press Leatherbound
Narrative Type: Fiction
Publisher: Ernest Hemingway
Original Language: English
Intended Audience: Young Adults, Adults
Edition: Collector's Edition
Vintage: Yes
Publication Year: 1990
Type: Novels
Format: Hardcover Soft Leather
Language: English
Literary Movement: Enlightenment, Expressionism, Realism
Era: 1990s
Illustrator: Ernest Hemingway
Author: Ernest Hemingway
Features: Leather Bound
Genre: World Literature & Classics
Topic: Literature
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Indulge in the exquisite allure of this complete set, each volume enveloped in the sumptuous embrace of the publisher's original full brown genuine leather. Adorned with intricate black and gilt-stamped decorations on both the front and back covers, as well as the spine, these treasures boast four raised bands, ensuring a regal presence on your shelf. Delight in the sensory experience as you run your fingers across the edges, finished with gilt, and revel in the elegance of sewn-in ribbon bookmarks and silk moire endpapers.

Within this collection lies a literary journey unlike any other, accompanied by comprehensive introductions and exclusive illustrations that breathe new life into each cherished work. Here's what awaits you:

1. "Islands in the Stream", brought to life by the masterful strokes of Richard Powers.
2. "Green Hills of Africa", with an introduction by Patrick Hemingway and adorned with enchanting decorations by Edward Shenton.
3. "A Farewell to Arms", introduced by Ford Madox Ford and graced with illustrations by Richard Powers.
4. "True at First Light", meticulously edited and introduced by Patrick Hemingway, enhanced with captivating illustrations by Richard Sparks.
5. "A Moveable Feast", introduced by the esteemed George Plimpton, a gem complemented by Richard Powers' illustrations.
6. "To Have and Have Not", enriched by the artwork of Richard Sparks.
7. "The Garden of Eden", introduced by the illustrious John Updike, adorned with captivating illustrations by Alan Phillips.
8. "Death in the Afternoon", featuring an introduction by the esteemed William F Buckley Jr. and brought to life by Richard Powers' illustrations.
9. "The Sun Also Rises", introduced by the insightful Matthew J. Bruccoli, embellished with the evocative illustrations of Richard Powers.
10. "In Our Time: Stories by Hemingway", brought to visual splendor by Alan Phillips.
11. "The Fifth Column, and Four Stories of the Spanish Civil War"
12. "The Snows of Kilimanjaro", introduced by the esteemed A. E. Hotchner, illustrated by the renowned Richard Powers.
13. "By Line: Selected Articles and Dispatches of Four Decades", skillfully edited by William White, adorned with captivating illustrations by Alan Phillips.
14. "Men Without Women"
15. "The Old Man and The Sea", introduced by the venerable Charles Scribner, Jr., illustrated by C. F. Tunnicliffe and Raymond Sheppard.
16. "Across the River and Into the Trees", elevated by Alan Phillips' illustrations.
17. "The Torrents of Spring"
18. "For Whom the Bell Tolls", introduced by the esteemed Sinclair Lewis, illustrated with lithographs by Lynd Ward.
19. "The Dangerous Summer", introduced by the esteemed James A Michener.
20. "Winner Take Nothing", adorned with illustrations by Alan Phillips.
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